About Me

I love working for a purpose and using my skills and experience to make the world a better place– that’s my passion!

I get it- video storytelling is expensive, and social media marketing is hard! I’ve got years of experience to help you with both, at a price that works with nonprofit and small business budgets. I just want to see you succeed!

I’m not interested in having lots of clients – I’m looking to work with clients I love. Contact me to get your message out into the world!

Joe Dull

Joe Dull is a Filmmaker (26 years), College Professor (18 years), Social Media Manager (4 years), Song-And-Dance Man (12 years), and Daddy (12 years and counting). He’s even won awards in two of those professions, and a “Best Dad Ever” grill apron for a third. Joe’s an editor, writer, director, audio guy, and decent enough camera operator. He’s also been paid as a colorist for multiple films, despite being a bit colorblind. The clients knew and hired him anyway, because they knew that he’d get the job done. Joe’s that kind of guy.

His award-winning feature-length films “Table at Luigi’s” and “Sympathy Pains” have screened at theaters and festivals around the country. His videos on social media have been seen by millions of people. And his films starring his kids are big hits with the in-laws.

Prior to moving to Springfield, Joe was Director of Media for a California-based music education nonprofit and created hundreds of videos and thousands of social media posts every year for their various channels. 2019 brought over 270,00 YouTube Views and 660,000 Facebook and Instagram engagements. That same year Joe created a TikTok channel for them, which grew to 16,000 subscribers in eight months, with posts averaging 7,300 views and 160 engagements each.

Now, Joe works with local nonprofits and small businesses to help them tell their stories through effective video communication.

We have been working with Daringly Dull Productions for many years now. They are our “go-to” team for anything film or video related from promotional videos, commercials, and most importantly message-driven projects that we use to support our community. They are our first call. What we think is special about Daringly Dull is the attention to detail and the heart they put into each project. They really take the time to understand your goals while at the same time are great at helping you to focus your message to get the best results. The results are always amazing! In particular, Joe’s directorial skills and ability to edit content is truly what sets them apart from others. I would certainly recommend Daringly Dull to anyone looking to create a film or video project.

— Todd Vigiletti, Stargazer Productions

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