The Online Class

How do you get your audience to care about your mission as much as you do?

By telling them your story! And then tell them ALL your stories!

Our weekly video series is for non-profit leaders to learn storytelling documentary techniques, with just enough of the technical info to keep you on the right track without getting overwhelmed.

Get your message out into the world! Learn the elements of storytelling, as we hold your hand through it all!

Check out the playlist below. NEW VIDEOS added every Tuesday and Friday!

Daringly Dull is a video production company focused on helping nonprofit organizations share their missions with impact through video, at a price they can afford!

How to create nonprofit videos from scratch – everything you need to know to make great documentary videos for your charity or nonprofit. Videos are the best way to tell your organization’s story, for fundraising, for events, and for keeping viewers engaged on social media!

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